Simple FODMAP Course

Need to learn how to follow a low FODMAP diet? Looking for simple verbal directions as well as handy food lists for quick reference? This course has two videos- one to help you eliminate FODMAPs, and one to help you reintroduce them when the time comes. There is also a low FODMAP food guide sorted by food category (fruits, veg, etc.) for quick reference. Likewise, there is a very useful high FODMAP food list sorted by the same categories. Other handouts included are tips for restaurant meals, a 1 WEEK LOW FODMAP menu for meal ideas, examples for reintroduction phase, and symptom tracker for reintroduction phase.

This course is everything you need to know so that you can begin and finish your low FODMAP journey! Add this course to your cart today! Within 24 business hours, you will receive the links to 2 secure videos as well as an email with the written resources attached.

Not sure if you need this course? Maybe you need 1:1 help? Maybe you already know you feel better on a low FODMAP diet but you’re not sure where to go from there? Stacy can help! Click the “contact us” page above to send a message directly to Stacy!

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