Has your doctor diagnosed you with IBS and then sent you on your way? Let Stacy help you feel better!! Let's figure out why your stomach is so off! Then we can use nutrition to help manage or eliminate your symptoms.

Trying to eat more fiber, but you feel worse?! Stacy can help you to figure out WHY and help you to feel better.

Do you need to learn how to follow a low FODMAP diet? Stacy has a course for this! Click "Simple FODMAP Course" above!

Do you feel like nobody is trying to get to the root cause of your symptoms? Stacy will complete a full assessment to figure out what comes next- Diet changes? Food sensitivity testing? Stool testing? Other lab work? Elimination diet trials? Supplement needs? Let's find out WHY you feel so terrible so that you can start to feel better!

Has your doctor told you that the food you eat doesn’t affect your GI symptoms or your IBS diagnosis, but you don’t agree? Stacy KNOWS food affects you and can help you sort out what to eat!

Are you prediabetic and your doctor said to “watch what you eat”….but you don’t know what that means? Stacy can help!

Need to lose weight and don’t know where to start? Let’s figure out a personalized plan together!


*Evening appointments are available!