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I am so grateful for Stacy’s guidance! We have used the LEAP food sensitivity to uncover what items my body is sensitive to and I have been able to wean myself off of a coffee addiction. Finally, no sweets whatsoever. An amazing transformation that has made a world of difference for me.”   -M.R. 94.4% improvement of symptoms

“I had no idea how to achieve my fitness goals by eating properly before visiting Stacy. She pays close attention to detail and develops a very interpersonal relationship with her clients to understand where they are in their fitness/diet journey. She is openminded and does not provide rigid solutions, rather her advice is very flexible and easy for clients to incorporate into their day-to-day lives. I would totally recommend her to a friend or any other prospective client.” M.N.

“I’ve had a chronic GI disease (Crohn’s) for over 20 years. I’m currently facing potential surgeries that are a bit overwhelming for me. Stacy helped to alleviate some of my fears by proactively providing me written dietary guidance for after the surgery. She’s provided additional information to me in the years prior that has helped significantly in my journey. I would highly recommend her!” J.T.

“Stacy is the most welcoming and kind dietitian I have ever seen! She and so kind and immediately makes you feel comfortable. She’s one of those providers that like LIKES a challenge and will be determined to get you on the right track!” A.C.

“I had such a wonderful experience working with Stacy O’Brien. I came to her with some GI issues that I needed help with resolving. Stacy was kind, very non-judgmental, took everything I said seriously, and helped guide me towards some important changes. She suggested that I keep a food diary for a couple of weeks in between our appointments, but I told her honestly that I did not have the patience for that (difficult patient!). She was understanding and explained that I could learn more about what was causing my stomach upset if I wrote down what I ate. I agreed to compromise and wrote down anything that preceded a stomach ache. We were able to get to the root of what my issues were (relatively quickly) and I am so grateful. Stacy also magically transformed me into someone who drinks enough water every day! From our first meeting, she made me feel comfortable and cared for and I know that she is an excellent resource who I can call upon if and when I need her again.” B.P.

“I reached out to Stacy to work with my husband as he is pre-diabetic and wanted to work on not becoming a diabetic. Stacy met with my husband for over six months, taking the time to get a holistic picture of his medical records, bloodwork numbers and what he wanted to accomplish in their sessions. She met with him once a month and would always first listen to him, ask questions, chat and then share alternatives and explain why. She taught him how to read food labels and make better choices when buying food and sweets as he has a very sweet tooth. He did not want to feel he was restricted like on a diet or stopping eating sweets. She stressed the importance of just making small changes, not really restrictions but alternative/better choices. He put everything she taught him to practice and was able to continue to have his sweets but always looking at the food labels and mainly keeping sugar levels low. He lost weight in 4 months of coaching and new bloodwork showed all numbers dropped, no longer pre-diabetic. Seven months later he continues to make good choices and maintain his weight. She also has a great personality of not pushing things, she explains the why and benefits. I then also worked with Stacy to lose weight, and for the first time I have been able to keep it off, not dieting but understanding how to read labels, make better choices, cook healthier and still have good sweets. Also Stacy helped us with make better vitamin choices and how to take our vitamins so they do what they are supposed to do. It was great working with her and we are grateful.” Charles & Marie

“Stacy is an exceptional resource! At a time when my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with colitis, we were overwhelmed and in need of guidance. Within a week and a half of following Stacy’s recommendations, we saw her symptoms begin to subside. This started a journey of us better understanding the inflammation in our daughter’s bowel and furthermore, it taught me (as her mother) how to best guide/feed her in a way that was supportive to her health. I always tell people that Stacy was the angel that we needed in a really difficult time. I would highly recommend her for any nutritional/dietary support. She is wise, kind and so supportive and we are forever grateful for her!” E.F.

“I began working with Stacy due to gastrointestinal issues and undesired weight loss. Since meeting with Stacy, I have been experiencing less GI symptoms and less frequently. I have also learned about supplements and dietary changes that would support myself feeling and being healthy. She has been patient with me as I navigated what treatment protocol approaches I would prefer to take or which would be more accommodating. She was understanding of my challenges that I was facing and not only offered her expertise but also comfort and validation. I appreciated working with her.”   -M.R.

“I am very glad to be working with Stacy O’Brien as a nutritionist at SO NUTRITIOUS. She listens carefully to your health issues and help to identify what goals you want to achieve. She asks good probing questions to uncover more relevant information. She is very knowledgeable and found just the right combination of supplements to improve my quality of sleep, address digestive issues, develop proper diet and get my energy back. The virtual sessions are an excellent way to keep track of wellness progress and very helpful. You could not ask for a better nutritionist. I am glad I found Stacy!” – Dr. Charlene Castello, Fairfield, New Jersey

When traditional gastroenterologists were not understanding my issue and ignored me. I chose to go to Stacy O’Brien as my second option in desperate need to feel better. She truly helped me get over my GI problems after contracting COVID. With recommended tests and figuring out the underlying issue I truly started to see improvements within the first two to three weeks of treatment. During these 6 months, she helped me select certain food items that control my issue with a continued supplement regimen. This not only improved my stomach issue but also helped with other health problems I was facing before contracting COVID. Stacy went out of her way to do intensive research. If she did not have an answer from me that day she would have it to me by the end of the week. To this day I still take the multivitamins and probiotics she has recommended for me. Stacy is a genuinely kind and understanding person who will work with you every step of the way. I never had someone listen and actually care about me as a person before. She encourages check-in appointments to make sure you are doing what is needed to help make you feel better. -C.F.

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