Please read some testimonials from our clients:

"My company recently hired Stacy to do a lunch n learn presentation about how to navigate healthy eating while working in a fast-paced environment. A big struggle of working at a job where late nights and overtime are the norm, is the type of food you’ll eat there, especially when the company often orders dinner on your behalf. Stacy did an amazing presentation on how to combat those late-night cravings for particular food and what type of food options would be healthiest to order or bring to work. She provided us with simple and easy-to-implement solutions that addressed each person’s different needs.

I loved that the presentation was interactive, informative, and Stacy’s personality is very approacheable. She isn’t judgemental about peoples’ struggles; she genuinely wants to help and is always expanding her own knowledge base in order to better guide others."
-Jane Cabral

"I’ve had a chronic GI disease (Crohn’s) for over 20 years. I’m currently facing potential surgeries that are a bit overwhelming for me. Stacy helped to alleviate some of my fears by proactively providing me written dietary guidance for after the surgery. She’s provided additional information to me in the years prior that has helped significantly in my journey. I would highly recommend her!"


"Stacy gave a very informative and relevant presentation to our diverse group of women ranging in age from mothers with school age children to senior citizens. She covered the importance of eating healthy when faced with unhealthy temptations, along with recommendations for a well-balanced diet. She also stressed the importance of physical activity for a healthy life style. Our group was very enthusiastic, asking many questions throughout Stacy’s talk. She received much positive feedback both as a speaker and for her nutritional advice. I would highly recommend Stacy’s services as a nutritionist and I am looking forward to having her return for another talk."
-Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus